Benefits of living in the UK

Living with your parents is comfortable in some ways; However, it is time for you to become an independent individual. Living on your own means running a grocery store, doing your laundry, and cleaning your room. While it all sounds boring, there are also great things like going out when you want, having the privacy of your room, inviting all the friends you want to your apartment to party (but also respecting others), cooking your own food and getting creative with your dishes.
When you study abroad, you will meet wonderful new people from all over the world. You will experience and learn about new cultures. Although it is sometimes difficult for cultures to clash, it is always good to learn new things from them and try more.
When you arrive in the UK, you will discover that traveling in Europe is really easy. Despite Brexit, visas will not be affected for two years, allowing you to move around freely if you are an EU student. Otherwise, you will still find it very easy, as the connection to Europe is very efficient and inexpensive. Go to new places, meet new people, and travel as much as you can.
As a foreign student who does not speak English as a mother tongue, studying in the UK will allow you to improve your English significantly. You will discover that there are a lot of different dialects in the country and this will enhance your skills. During my stay in the UK, I feel that my English has improved and I look forward to its further development.
All of these advantages will allow you to grow as an individual. You will not regret the decision to study in the UK

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