Benefits of the American Private School

The best individual training
Dedicated to studying at a private school in the United States The academic year in the United States is your ticket to a successful future, whether at work or at a major university.
A comprehensive CV awaits you, with extraordinary combinations of subjects and the possibility of obtaining internationally recognized degrees (eg International Baccalaureate Diploma).
With small classes averaging 8 to 15 students, you get more intense and specific support than public schools.
Giving great importance to promoting not only optimally the education, but also the personal development of each student and helping him even outside the classroom.

The best sports and leisure facilities
Private schools in the United States tend to have good financial resources, so students can access the latest equipment, such as a multimedia tablet, and submit homework by mail. After classes they have many opportunities for their personal hobbies or to try something completely new. Whether it’s kayaking, snowboarding, paddleboarding, rugby, painting studios, dance studios or a debate club, you’ll be impressed by the variety of facilities.
New friends and a second home on
Unlike a boarding school, in a private school program in the United States, you will be hosting a host family. You spend the day, weekends and holidays with her, which will allow you to learn about her customs, culture and the country itself. At school you will also receive extensive orientation, being part of a strong school community and meeting your classmates who may be from all over the world. New contacts and lifelong friends, our private school program makes it possible.

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