Daily skin care

If you do not forget to regularly water the plant and take care of it, then it will grow into a beautiful addition to the interior and will delight you all the time. However, if you stop paying attention even for a short period of time, the plant will start to turn yellow and become covered in sores. The longer the plant is not watered, the less likely it is that it will fully recover.
The same thing happens to our skin. If we stop eating right, begin to sleep worse and do not move with difficulty, then the first symptoms of deterioration in health will be reflected precisely on the skin. Acne, dark circles under the eyes, dry and dull skin are signs that the skin needs urgent care.
In addition to aesthetic perception, our skin performs a number of important functions: protection from bacteria and toxins, relief of mechanical effects (cuts and bruises), energy conservation, thermoregulation, etc. The list can go on for a very long time, but the main idea is as follows: human skin deserves careful care.
Of course, the basis is proper nutrition, healthy sleep and an active lifestyle. However, over time, even these items will not be enough. Then additional skin care products come to the rescue:Cleansing cosmetics. The skin needs daily and thorough cleansing. Use foam, gel and milk, based on the particular skin and personal preferences.
peeling. With the help of a shower scrub, you can remove dead skin particles. The scrub should be applied 2-3 weekly if you have normal skin and once a week if you have sensitive skin.
body creams; The most important aspect of skin care is cell nourishment. In dehydrated skin, the metabolism slows down, which means that all important skin functions slow down. In the event of intracellular starvation, this will be reflected in the fact that more bacteria and toxins will enter the body, and there will be a risk of developing colds, acne, swelling, dehydration, etc. Choose those creams that contain the maximum amount of beneficial substances and vitamins . Our company specializes in body creams, so we advise you to pay attention to our lifting cream, which not only tightens the skin, but also saturates it with all the necessary elements.
Take care of your skin constantly and regularly. If you take care of your body skin as much as your face, you can forget about issues like dryness, irritation, sagging and stretch marks.

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