How is skin care done?

Healthy, radiant skin is an important component of both good looks and mental health. It is also necessary for the skin to perform its normal functions. It is also important to carry out regular care according to a person’s skin type in order to prevent the formation of problems such as wrinkles, sagging, spots and pimples that can occur with time and living conditions. While the goal of skin care seems to be beauty, protecting skin health should be a priority.
It is necessary to contact a specialist skin care clinic. The methods that you will apply at home will not be enough to clean the skin deeply. For this reason, it is very important to perform skincare at the time you schedule with your clinic, according to your skin’s needs. The first step in skin care is to apply the appropriate exfoliation to your skin. With a professional exfoliation, your face is cleansed of dead skin and your pores are ready to be cleansed. Then, keeping skin problems in mind, they are cleansed with products and equipment appropriate for your skin type. The pores are deeply cleaned, which are opened with steam or a hot air bath.
Then the cleaning process is completed with a suitable cream or mask. Then apply moisturizers according to your skin type, while your pores are open. Moisture-balanced skin provides healthier, younger looking skin. After the moisturizing process, products and cold compresses are applied to shrink pores again. It would be good for your skin to devise your own skincare routine that is perfectly prepared for you and always stick to the same regimen. Every time you try different techniques and methods, you can lose the health of your skin and tire your skin.
Various skin care and treatment methods will be applied to skin blemishes, severe blackheads and pimples, black spots, uneven color, peeling and spills, or excessive staining. Therefore, during the first skin care, your skin should be analyzed. In this way, the most suitable methods for you will be carefully selected and a special period will be created for you.
Skin care should be planned according to the skin and individual needs of each skin type. Skin care performed by a specialist who can accurately analyze the structure of the skin and the products used can give only the desired effect. The consequences of wrong actions and wrongly chosen goods can be very dangerous. The most important factor in skin care is the choice of a specialist. The most accurate skin analysis is performed by a specialist doctor.

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