Skin care after 50 years

After 50 years, the skin requires more attention and needs different care. Find out why your skin has changed and how to give it the professional anti-aging treatment it needs.
Aging of the skin is explained by the slowing down of metabolic processes in the body and skin, changes in hormone levels, and the negative effects of external factors. After 50 years, the skin needs nourishment and hydration. Anti-aging cosmetics, when used correctly, allow you to cope with the main signs of aging, maintaining the beauty of the skin.
With age, the condition of the skin changes, this becomes especially noticeable at the onset of menopause. This is due to a decrease in the production of estrogen in the blood and a decrease in the amount of collagen in the tissues. The main ‘aging’ processes in the skin:
loss of elasticity, sagging, flakiness; Slow down tissue regeneration and peeling. a change in the oval of the face, the appearance of puffiness, a second chin, drooping tissues; dryness and thinning associated with loss of moisture and decreased production of hyaluronate; Wrinkles and wrinkles in the face and drooping corners of the mouth due to lack of collagen.
The appearance of fine wrinkles, especially in the eye area, which is associated with dryness. Age-related changes appear on the face, neck, arms and chest area, where the skin is thinner and more sensitive. Fabrics lose elasticity, density and volume and appear lethargic and dry. The skin becomes more sensitive to external negative factors. With the advent of menopause, a woman’s complexion changes, there is a feeling of tightness and peeling, circles and bags under the eyes, puffiness. Pigment spots appear due to increased production of melanin.
Such changes cause physical and emotional discomfort. Young active women of fifty are not yet ready for such changes in appearance. Some go to a plastic surgeon for help, while others go to a cosmetologist to choose the right cosmetics and extend the life of youth.
As skin ages, it needs more attention than just cleaning and using nourishing creams. To restore facial swelling and oval, get rid of wrinkles and dryness, you will need special tools. In order for the skin to look healthy, it needs nourishment and hydration. At the age of 50, this is especially important, because the body no longer produces enough collagen and hyaluronic acid as in young people. These substances are responsible for skin hydration, smoothness and radiance. In adulthood, it is necessary to take it from cosmetics – use creams, serums, cleansers. In addition to cosmetics,

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